Recruiting for quantum computing and AI companies


“Change is just around the corner”

Tekna Search have a vision for a better world and we enable this by doing what we do best – recruitment.  


We only partner with companies who share the same aspirations and support them with their hiring in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. We see a day where AI models will fight climate change or improve health care and quantum computers will find vaccines or cancer cells earlier and this is the movement we are passionate about recruiting for. We truly believe AI and quantum computers will change our lives for the better and that’s why we specialise in connecting people in this space.


We offer a range of recruitment services and can be flexible depending on your needs and plans. If you are a manager who is hiring or an engineer open to new opportunities and believe in the same dream as us, then please feel free to reach out to see how we could help!





Many companies are frustrated with the time and effort invested in recruitment, only to not find the right person.  


Do you find candidates are a good match on paper but don’t quite fit your business or culture? Perhaps you’re losing candidates to your competitors and don’t understand why? 


We partner with you to understand your business needs and long-term recruitment plans. Tekna Search advise on the full recruitment cycle and help clients define clear processes to attract the right people into your business. 



You want to take the next step in your career but don’t know where to start. Sometimes it’s daunting and overwhelming but Tekna Search are here to support you.

Do you feel undervalued or maybe you feel your role has stagnated? Or is it that you want additional responsibilities and to move your career to the next level?


Our plan is to understand your wants and needs. We go beyond surface level and appreciate changing jobs is a big moment in your life. The yes at the end of the journey should always be an easy one. That easy yes is what we want you to experience.


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